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Even though Red Cent is a “custom shop”, we have a few standard items. There are a few in concealed carry, a few in SASS competition, and a few that could be considered field carry. 

Red Cent Custom Leather​

Premium Leather

We make a variety of belts with the main one being the gun-belt. Whether it is a strong 1/4″ thick and supple concealed carry belt or a western gun-belt built to securely support two six guns, I use premium vegetable tanned leather conditioned and treated for your specific use.

Built for Speed

This holster is built for Cowboy Competition and is built for speed. Construction explained inside.

I have had a few holsters made elsewhere, before I found Red Cent, the quality of the work and leather from Red Cent is far superior than the other guys I have used. If you are looking for a truly hand made custom piece, or if you want just a plain holster or belt Red Cent is the guy, he does all his work with the same level of expertise and skill. He is always my go to guy for leather work. Give him a try, you will not be disappointed.
North Carolina

About RedCent

I have owned firearms for over fifty years and competed with firearms for over thirty years. I became somewhat accomplished with the semi-auto, the revolver – both double and single action. I have legally carried concealed for about the same amount of time. During those years, I’ve accumulated the “box of holsters” in pursuit of the ones that fit. Now that I am semi-retired from active competition, I have been busy creating designs that work on the street and on the square range.

And I have started producing a SASS legal holster that is fast. The holster has the right amount of retention and can be built for about any SASS legal handgun.

I also make a very comfortable “half pancake” holster for concealed carry. The back is flat and comfortable and the front piece is molded to fit your handgun.

And I can complement the holster with a supple but very strong 1/4″ thick concealed carry gunbelt.

As you peruse the site you will see a number of other items that we produce.

Harold French | World Champion | End of Trail Senior Division | Cowboy Action Shooting

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